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    Game of chance in Germany

    The entire gaming industry in Germany is subject to strict regulatory requirements, which define both access to gaming, participation in it and the specific framework conditions, such as measures to protect young people and gamblers and to prevent money laundering.


    In addition to the casinos, these include the following gambling offers:

    • Lotto und lotteries
    • The commercial game in gambling halls and restaurants
    • Sports and horse betting

    A game of Pharo, Johann Baptist Raunacher (1729–1771), Eggenberg Castle near Graz. Photo: By Joanneum - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

    Game of chance: A brief history

    Games of chance are as old as mankind itself and have always fascinated them. The game variants are diverse and numerous. And while many games have evolved over the past millennia, new games and game forms have been constantly reinvented, one feature has remained the same throughout time – placing a bet. This ensures the difference between board and entertainment games and the special attraction of gambling. A bet is required for every game participation and only “Fortuna” decides on the outcome of the game and thus on profit or loss.


    So that the course of the game and participation in the game is always safe and fair for everyone involved, games of chance may only be offered in strictly regulated areas, such as in casinos. These have the government’s mandate to guide people’s natural play instinct in orderly and safe channels and to ensure that the games offered are always offered in a transparent, controlled and professional manner.