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    Here’s how it goes


    In Germany – unlike in other countries – poker is considered a game of chance and can therefore only be offered in casinos (exceptions are small poker tournaments with limited buy-in regulations). Depending on the game variant, the player has different options for creating his hand. The maximum and preferred number of players also vary depending on the type of game. In some it is not the best hand (high) that wins, but the worst (low).

    Game instruction

    Locations with Poker

    Potsdamer Platz | Ellipse Spandau | Fernsehturm


    Potsdamer Platz

    Rakes Cash Game

    Daily cash game from blinds 2/2

    (min. 100 euros, max. 500 euros)

    Blinds 2/4 (min. 200 euros – no max.)

    from 6:00 p.m. to 3 a.m.

    Temporarily suspension of daily tournaments due current renovation.


    Ellipse Spandau

    No poker tournaments.

    Am Fernsehturm

    No poker tournaments.

    Difficulty Level

    Tournaments are also suitable for beginners as the one-off buy-in is a known variable before the game starts. Knowledge of the game is recommended if you want to play “cash games”.


    The objective of playing poker is to have the best poker hand and to win as many values ​​as possible through skillful bets, or to get all participants to give up their hand.

    You try to form specific combinations using the cards available to you whilst correctly judging your options and your opponents.


    In tournaments, the first-placed players receive the collected buy-ins as prize money, which is staggered individually. In the cash game, the players are paid out the chips they have when they leave the game.


    The buy-in for a tournament is paid in advance. Spielbank Berlin offers day tournaments from 14 euros. In cash games a fixed amount is paid in as a minimum for each round, which starts at 1 euro and can be raised by any of the players.

    The game

    When you play a “classic” game of poker you are not playing against the bank but against the other players around the table. In addition to good luck, you also need a strategy and experience. The objective is to form specific combinations using the cards available. You try to correctly estimate the chances you have with your cards and to manipulate how your opponents assess your hand. Your aim is to win the bets (pots) placed by your opponents round after round whilst losing as little of your own as possible. This can result in a gain over a number of rounds.


    In the Texas Hold’em variant, each participant receives two hole cards (face down cards) in the first round. If you have the option of a good hand, pay the bet or raise it. A total of five community cards (the board) are laid out by the dealer. These can be used by all participants to create their poker hands.


    In the second round the flop (three cards at the same time) is dealt, and the participants make their decisions. This is followed by the turn card and river card, each followed by a betting round.


    Each participant forms the best possible poker hand out of five of the seven cards.

    Get the pot. Either with the best poker hand or by getting everyone else to drop out.

    The pot is delivered to the winner and the next hand can begin.


    With the Omaha variant, each participant receives four hole cards. To create your poker hand, you must use two of your hole cards and three cards from the board at the showdown


    Our tournaments

    At least one tournament is held every evening at the poker floor at Potsdamer Platz and at the Fernsehturm. The great advantage of a tournament – especially for beginners – is that players buy in for a specific amount and try to stay in the game for as long as possible with a fixed number of chips. The chips do not have an actual monetary value; the prize money set at the beginning of the game is paid out to the players with the most chips at the end of the game. Tournament players know in advance how much the buy-in costs are and how much they can win.

    The exceptions to this rule are rebuy tournaments, where players have the option to buy new stacks, and re-entry tournaments, where a second buy-in is also possible. Tournaments that only permit the initial buy-in are known as ‘freeze-out tournaments’.

    Cash Game

    The classic poker game: the worth of the value corresponds to the amount printed in euros. Participants can enter the game at any time or have the stack (= the sum of the values ​​of a player’s chips) paid out and leave the table. The dealer takes a drop (tax) determined by the casino management from the pot. The value of the buy-in and the blinds (mandatory bets) are specified in advance and displayed at each table. Our tables open at 6:00 pm every day. There are usually a number of tables on the go that have different blinds.