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    Here’s how it goes


    Blackjack is the most played card game of chance offered in casinos.Card games already spread very quickly in the Middle Ages and were an integral part of the leisure activities at the royal courts in the 14th century. The cards were created by hand and differed from country to country in the number of piles, card games and symbols. The four symbols used today (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds) have their origins in 15th century France.


    The popularity of the game grew gradually until French immigrants brought the game to Louisiana and from there it spread to the rest of America, where it was simply called “21”. The rule was later created that if a player had a blackjack with an ace of spades and a jack of spades in his hand, he would receive a higher payout rate. That’s where the name blackjack comes from.

    Game instruction

    Locations with blackjack

    Potsdamer Platz | Fernsehturm | Ku’damm | Ellipse Spandau

    Difficulty level

    You should know how to play it.


    You try to score more points with your cards than the bank’s hand, but only up to 21 at the most. If you score more than 21 points you “bust” and lose.


    The average payout rate for Blackjack is 94.3% (but this depends on how the game is played).


    The minimum bet at our establishment at Potsdamer Platz is 4 euros and the maximum is 1,000 euros. At Fernsehturm minimum bet is 2 euros, the maximum is 100 euro.

    The table

    A blackjack table has seven places for players who sit opposite the dealer as the bank’s representative. Every place has a box in which players place their bets. Up to three additional players can join the main player and place their bets in the main player’s box. These participants are not active players. They play along with the decisions made by the main player and win or lose with the main player.

    Course of play

    The dealer deals a card to every box participating in the game. The dealer then draws a card for the bank and deals every box a second card. All of these cards are placed face up so that everyone can see their face values. You as a box owner decide how many other cards the dealer should deal you in addition to the first two. The dealer starts with box one and moves from box to box. When you want another card you say “hit”; when you do not want another card you say “stand”. If the face value of cards dealt to a box exceeds 21 points, the box is bust and the dealer collects the bet from the box. The dealer deals cards to the bank’s hand in accordance with a specific rule, namely until the face value of the hand is at least 17 points.


    If the bank busts or stands at a hand with a face value that is lower than that of your box hand, you retain your bet and the bank pays you its value. If dealer and a box have cards with the same face value, they are drawn (this is also called a ‘push’), and the box’s bet stays on the table. If a box scores 21 points with the first two cards dealt to it (e.g. an ace and a ten), this is “blackjack” and this pays at a ratio of three to two.

    Card values

    The cards from two to ten have the value printed on the card.

    Picture cards (jack, queen, king) score ten points, while the ace card scores optionally one or eleven.