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    Slot Machines

    The range of games in the slot machines of the Spielbank Berlin locations offers you a variety of different gaming systems, jackpot variants and slot types from all major international slot machine manufacturers.


    And the game system is easy to learn! You determine the amount of your bet and the number of lines you want to play. The more lines you bet per game, the greater the likelihood of winning. But be careful. The higher your bet, the greater the possibility of losing it.

    Game instruction

    Locations with Slot Machines

    Potsdamer Platz | Fernsehturm | Ku’damm | Ellipse Spandau

    Difficulty level

    Easy. If you have never played slot machines before we recommend you ask one of our staff to provide brief instructions on how to play.


    You try to score winning reel combinations that score different points or win you bonus games.


    The winnings paid out by the slot machines in casinos are regulated by law; in our establishment, the win percentage is 92% to 97.5%. This is programmed into the machines and cannot be changed.

    This payout percentage means that every player can expect to retrieve on average 95% of their bets per game; however, the luck element changes these probabilities and results in some gamblers losing and others winning.


    You determine the amount of each bet. You can play for as little as one cent. You need at least a 5-euro note to start, but you can have any remainder returned to you at any time (see the “Ticket-in-Ticket-out” system). The bets accepted by each machine can differ significantly, and you can also vary your options by choosing how many reels to play. The more reels you play, the higher the bet, but you also increase your chances of winning.

    Slot Machines

    The many machines have different themes and you can choose the one you find most appealing. In some cases the value of the bet is predetermined, but many machines allow you to decide how much you want to bet. You will soon see there are many details to discover as you explore the world of slot machines. There are also other games such as Caribbean poker, baccarat, Sic Bo and electronic roulette, where you can play along and place your bets using the screen.


    Spielbank Berlin also offers jackpot systems alongside individual machines. Jackpots always relate to and are displayed for a group of machines. These so-called “mystery jackpots” are assigned at random to one of the participating machines, independently of regular play.


    Did you know that we now operate a completely cashless system? This is especially convenient for players, even though the nostalgic jingling of coins is now a thing of the past.

    To begin with, you have to insert a bank note (at least 5 euros) directly into the machine. If you want to change the machine or finish the game, press the payout key and the remaining credit or your winnings are printed on a ticket. You can redeem it against cash at a cash desk at any time.