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Roulette is a widely used and extremely popular game of chance at casinos. Roulette has been played in European casinos for around 400 years. At the beginning, the zero and the double zero were in the roulette wheel among the 36 numbers. This variant is known today as American Roulette. In 1841, the Bad Homburg casino removed the double zero from the wheel to make the popular casino game more attractive to guests.


American Roulette tables are offered almost without exception in German casinos. However, the term ”American Roulette“ no longer refers to the use of a roulette wheel with a double zero, but to the shape of the table and the course of the game. While four croupiers work on a French roulette table and they move and place the chips on the tables with their croupiers’ rakes, an American roulette table can be operated with a dealer and a table supervisor (who may also be responsible for other tables). The guests wage their stakes with marked wheel checks, where the guests can determine the value of the chips themselves. In addition, machines like the chipper machine take on the handling, e.g. the sorting of bets that have not won.

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The aim of American Roulette is to predict which number of the wheel the ball will land on in the next game.


The average payout rate for games of roulette is 97.3%. The bank’s advantage of just 2.7% is why roulette has been called “the fairest gambling game”. In contrast to the classic American roulette wheel with two zeros, the wheel at Spielbank Berlin has only one zero. This increases the players’ chances of a win.

Course of play

The croupier opens the game by announcing “Please place your bets” (or “Faites vos jeux”). You then place your chips on the betting options of your choice and wait for that exciting moment as the croupier releases the ball. Betting ends with the announcement “No more bets” (“Rien ne va plus”) – and the ball lands. The winning number is announced and all winning bets are paid out – the croupier removes the chips placed on losing options from the table.