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An extraordinary event location


In the Spielbank Berlin on Potsdamer Platz, one of the most extraordinary event locations in the capital extends across pone thousand square meters and can be reached via a separate entrance. With its extravagant interior design, first-class catering and the latest technology, the Sternberg is a top event venue in Berlin.

Art, culture and entertainment take place here at sophisticated standards. Numerous prominent guests such as Karl Lagerfeld, Klaus Wowereit, Heidi Klum or Thomas Gottschalk have already visited the Sternberg – when will you stop by?


Gastronomy | Catering


Accompanying all options, we offer professional gastronomy, which is geared not only towards events at the highest level, but also offers artist catering and much more. After speaking with you about your requirements, you will receive seasonal and menu or buffet offers tailored exactly to your taste.





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    Füchse Berlin

    Hertha BSC

    Team Leichtathletikverband

    Team Mittelständische Wirtschaft


    Universal Music

    Sat 1 Director´s Cut

    Germany´s next topmodel

    Allianz Versicherungen


    Art of artistic

    Comedian Harmonists Today

    Radio Energy Berlin

    Goldene Henne

    Festival of Lights

    Media Markt


    Technical information

    • 14 m x 5,65 m x 0,65 m

    • 1 Showtreppe beleuchtet, einfahrbar

    • Saalbeleuchtung 76 Clay Paky Point In Farbwechsler

    • 30 Mac 300 Wash

    • 20 Mac 250 Spot

    • 30 ETC Source 4 mit verschiedenen Optiken

    • 30 Desisti 500 W Stufenlinsen

    • 3 Atomic Stroboskop 3000 W

    • 1 Unique Hazer

    • Lichtpult Grand MA-Light mit 2 NSP

    • Videowall: 9,00 m x 2,25 m (27 Einzelcubes, jeder Cube einzeln ansteuerbar)

    • 6 Full HD Flatscreen Monitore im Raum

    • Zuspieler auf Anfrage (Pandoras Box 4)

    • Front: 4x Kling & Freitag 1215

    • Tanzfläche: 2 K&F 1215

    • Nearfill: 4x K&F CA 104

    • Bass: 4x Kling & Freitag

    • Delay: 8x K&F CA 104

    • Monitor; 3x K&F CA 106

    • sämtliche Kreise separat gesteuert

    • 1 Yamaha DM 1000 Digitaloutput

    • 4 Kanäle BSS Terzband EQs

    • Shure Funkmikrofone

    • 1 Pioneer DJM 500 Mixer

    • 2 Pioneer CDJ 100S CD Spieler

    • mehrere 16 und 32A Anschlüsse in Bühnennähe verfügbar

    • Raumbeleuchtung

    • Strom- und Wasserverbrauch

    • Bereitstellung Haustechnik (Heizung, Lüftung)

    • Technische Leitung jeweils von Proben / VA Beginn bis Proben / VA Ende

    • Endreinigung