Tournament types

Cash Game Potsdamer Platz


This could be described as the standard form of tournament. Every participant buys in to the tournament for a predefined amount and receives a fixed number of chips in return. Players drop out of the tournament when they run out of chips.


Participants receive a bounty chip with a specific value in exchange for a certain amount of the buy-in. The remainder of the buy-in is played for in the form of the regular prize pot. The game is played in freeze-out mode. Bounty chips are thrown into the pot during an all-in game. The winner of the pot receives the tournament chips and the bounty chips. Bounty chips are cashed in by the floorman.

Secret bounty:

In the case of secret bounty tournaments, 'bounty prizes' worth a specific amount of the buy-in are allocated in secret to some of the players. As soon as one of these players drops out of the game, the secret bounty prize is paid out directly to the corresponding opponent by the floorman. Players to whom a 'secret bounty prize' is allocated and who make it to the final table receive the value of the secret bounty.


Participants in rebuy tournaments can buy a predetermined number of additional chips. Chips can be 'rebought' together with the start stack or when a player has less than the start stack. Rebuy tournaments can offer limited or unlimited rebuy options. Tax is not levied on rebuys.

The tournament is interrupted for a brief break after each rebuy phase. During these breaks, players have an opportunity for a final rebuy, also known as an add-on. The price of an add-on and the number of chips that are provided are defined prior to the start of the tournament.

Win the button:

A win the button tournament is always played in freeze-out mode. The special feature of this tournament is that the dealer button always goes to the winner of the most recent pot, thereby changing the sequence of blind bets.

Double chance:

Participants in these tournaments receive a second chance (for the buy-in they have already paid) when their start stack is exhausted. The second stack is automatically allocated at the latest during the first break in the tournament.

Double stack:

Participants in a double stack tournament can request their second stack (that they paid for with their buy-in) at any time, but at the latest during the first break in the tournament.

Select your stack:

This tournament offers players a selection of buy-in options and therefore start stacks with different values.

Big stack:

Big stack tournaments are predominantly characterised by a start stack of an above average value. They are therefore ideal for players who enjoy a more risky approach to the game.

Deep stack:

Deep stack tournaments are the preferred choice of professional players. They usually involve higher buy-ins. These tournaments are characterised by high value start stacks and a long duration.

Potsdamer Platz:

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

10785 Berlin

030/ 255 99 0


Panoramastr. 1

10178 Berlin

030/ 206 30 99 0


030/ 206 30 99 356

Ellipse Spandau:

Altstädter Ring 1

13597 Berlin

030/ 255 99 340


030/ 255 99 347


Los-Angeles-Platz 1

10789 Berlin

030/ 255 99 320